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Terapeutický systém Homebalance - Věda a výzkum

Science and Research 2/2017
Charles University introduces: Homebalance therapeutic system


Život bez barier Homebalance.png

Life without Barriers 3/2019


Věda a výzkum Homebalance interaktivní r

Science and Research 2/2020
Charles University spin-off brings an interactive rehabilitation system



 Seznam News 3/2021
Physiotherapy in the living room. Another field of medicine is moving
to households


Articles in professional journals

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Modern technology 1/2017 
Modern technologies reducing the risk of people falling, 

Lists of clinical speech therapy 2/2018
Use of digital technologies
in the therapy of patients
after stroke

DIAstyle 3/2020 
Balance disorders -
Therapy in the form of
a computer game

Professional academic studies

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CNSS_Randomizovana kontrolovana studie e

Czech and Slovak neurology
and neurosurgery
Randomized controlled study of balance disorders therapy using audiovisual feedback in the elderly, 


Case study
Therapy of balance disorders in
a patient after stroke using visual feedback and a stabilometric
platform in a home environment

Feasibility study
Individual group therapy of patients using the Homebalance interactive system
for stability training

Telerehabilitation in a patient
with imbalance after stroke

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