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Homebalance Care

Homebalance Care is a range of services that use a sophisticated information system. An interactive system for distance training and therapy certified as a medical device is connected to this complex solution, which is further developed. The system uses modern technology to improve the health of certain groups of patients. It’s suitable for providing rehabilitation intervention in the clinical and home setting. The principle of the therapy is based on the use of telemetry transmissions, audiovisual feedback, and monitoring of the patient's physical activity.

Homebalance can be supplied in 3 different variants.


What is distance therapy?   

Distance therapy is therapy without the personal presence of a therapist. It can therefore be performed, for example, from the comfort of your home without the need to visit a medical facility.

How does Homebalance Care work?           

The patient uses modern technology for the therapy, with the help of which he fulfills the exercise plan. The exercise plan is set individually by the physiotherapist, who will be available to the patient throughout the therapy. The measured values are sent to the Homebalance Care Cloud System, where the assigned therapist supervises the therapy course. After completing 4-6 weeks of therapy (according to the patient's condition and the physiotherapist's recommendation), the patient will receive a report evaluating health improvement.

The course of distance therapy with Homebalance Care:

> The patient comes to the initial examination, during which he is examined by a physiotherapist and receives the equipment necessary to start therapy             

> Based on the examination by a physiotherapist, an individual therapeutic plan is set

> The patient uses a stabilometric platform and a tablet with panoramic scenes

> The wrist pedometer helps to improve the patient's physical condition and monitors his overall physical activity

> During therapy at home, the measured data is automatically sent to the Homebalance Care Cloud System,
where an assigned therapist monitors the course of therapy and can remotely adjust therapy difficulty according to the patient's needs

> During the final examination, the physiotherapist evaluates the improvement (during therapy) of the patient's health 

What can Homebalance Care be used for?

> It's used for home and clinical therapy of balance disorders and movement coordination in an innovative way 

> Homebalance Care evaluates the condition of patients with motor and cognitive disorders

> Maintains the necessary activity and care for patients after they are discharged from rehabilitation care

> Homebalance Care helps with returning to normal life                                                                                                                 

> Homebalance Care improves the user's state of health


Patient benefits


+ Daily therapy in the comfort of your home

+ Individual therapeutic plan according to individual needs

+ Remote communication with a therapist

+ A fun form of exercise

+ Motivation

+ Physical activity monitoring                                                                                                                                                         

+ Complete record of completed therapy

+ Comparison of state of health before and after completing the therapeutic course

+ Improvement of life quality, including life comfort of family members

Service provider’s benefits


+ Innovative method of rehabilitation care                                                                                                                                  

+ New patient care options 

+ Extension of know-how in terms of modern technology

+ Competitive advantage over non-distant  therapy facilities

+ New patients

+ Possibility to serve more patients by one therapist

+ Higher number of therapies = economic benefit

+ Possibility of entering selected statistical data into patient records of hospital information systems



The Homebalance Care System was developed by experts from the Joint Institute of the First Faculty of Medicine of Charles University and the Faculty of Biomedical Engineering of the Czech Technical University in Prague.
This medical device has also been supported by research projects.

System innovation


The technology is enabling to set the difficulty of the exercises individually and remotely. Subsequently, it enables control over the fulfillment of the therapeutic plan without the need for a physical visit to a medical facility. Thanks to this device, patients who have been released home from medical facilities can feel the increase in personal safety. The connection of technology with the supervision desk enables informing of patients in the event of exceeding the set exercise limits or in the event of non-compliance.

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