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User experience

Anonymous user

I like eye-catching graphics and colour.
At the same time, I appreciate the possibility to choose
from different scenes.

Anonymous user

It's something new, unusual.
One is rehabilitating in a fun way, which is important to
support the movement.

Anonymous user

Homebalance helped me improve my balance and removed the feeling of insecurity and fear of falling while sitting and walking.


More user experience

"I feel better in vehicles. Anyone can tell you a hundred times how to do an exercise and you still don't understand,
but when I
practiced with feedback it was immediately clear. I tried to remember the feeling of muscle strengthening and
I found it out on my own thanks to the feedback even without the help of the therapist. It's important to feel and see what's really going on. It has been 5 years since the incident and one can still improve. The advantage of the tablet is, that I can take it
to the cottage, it’s not a problem to transport it anywhere or to put it somewhere at home, for example on an ironing board.
Every neurologist should have this innovative technology in the office, instead, they are still trying something on you
with brushes. Meanwhile, this device would be more beneficial.

Anonymous user

"I like the graphics, visibility, scoreboard, and the feedback. Thanks to the display of results, I am more motivated than with regular physiotherapy."

Anonymous user

"We use the Home Balance system in our hospital for therapy not only for outpatient care but also for hospitalized patients. Those are most often groups of patients with balance disorders based on neurological diagnoses and patients at risk of falling. The success of the therapy is also evident in trauma and orthopaedic patients, including athletes and children. By orienting the stability of Home Balance in patients after traumas of the upper or lower limbs, we also managed to secondarily reveal stability disorders, which were the cause of frequently repeated falls with injuries.
The advantage of Home Balance is the possibility of monitoring and objectifying the "centre of gravity" in real-time and visual feedback, which will increase control of the movement during kinesiotherapy. It is then up to the creativity of the physiotherapist in what position and modification of the conditions the patient will repeat the movement in the highest possible quality. The involvement of targeted movement in the game is then supported by the patient's motivation, which is evident in the patient's approach to achieving the therapeutic goal. The presence of a therapist during therapy is necessary for reasons of setting up and leading the entire training program, maintaining the patient's motivation, and also for safety reasons. Most patients are positive about the method of therapy with Home Balance devices." 

The Clinic of Medical Rehabilitation, University Hospital of Ostrava, Czech Republic

"I had Homebalance for about 4 months, I enjoyed exercising with it and I liked the accuracy, simplicity, and user comfort. It definitely helped me to focus more on movements and stability that I didn't realize are possible. I showed a slight improvement in the stabilometric measurement, though I'm not sure if it can be attributed to Homebalance. I tried to train for about 20 to 30 minutes daily." 

Jan Mach

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Facilities that use Homebalance 

Liberec Health and Social Care Center, CZ
Retirement Home Blatná, CZ
Retirement Home Havlíčkův Brod, CZ
Retirement Home Chodov, CZ
Retirement Home Mistra Křišťana Prachatice, CZ
University Hospital Vinohrady, CZ
Motol University Hospital, CZ
GARC Kladno, CZ
Medical Spa Jánské lázně, CZ
KDP Ezra, Prague, CZ
Public benefit society Kindergarten special Demosthenes, CZ
Říčany Hospital, CZ
Semily Hospital, CZ
MUDr. Lydia Slyacka, SK
Bohnice Psychiatric Hospital, CZ
REGI Base I. foundation, Prague, CZ
Konice Rehabilitation Center, CZ
Rehabilitation Institute Kladruby, CZ
Social Services of Kralupy nad Vltavou, CZ
General University Hospital in Prague, CZ
PALESTRA College of Physical Education and Sport, Prague, CZ

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