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How much does Homebalance Care cost?

The price of Homebalance Care depends on the choice of a specific variant, see Homebalance Care / Variants tabFor more information and a quotation, please contact us via form, e-mail, or phone.

Who is the Homebalance Care System suitable for?

Homebalance Care has use in the following patient groups and services:
> patients with motor and cognitive disorders due to congenital or acquired brain damage

     > geriatric patients

     > patients with a need to improve stability, balance training, and cognitive functions

     > patients of rehabilitation institutions after injuries or surgical procedures of the musculoskeletal and nervous system

     > patients from rehabilitation institutions after returning home

     > specialists, general practitioners, physiotherapists, and other professional staff of medical facilities

     > nursing homes and retirement homes

     > social services

     > anyone who wants to improve their health

Why Homebalance Care?

Homebalance Care is a unique service and product that HomeBalance has developed and it is the only system in the Czech Republic of this kind. Also, it is beneficial for anyone who has problems that Homebalance Care can solve without the need for regular doctor's visits.

Can remote rehabilitation fully replace a visit to a physiotherapist?

Distance therapy cannot fully replace the care of professional physiotherapists. That is why Homebalance Care service includes personal examinations by a physiotherapist. However, distance therapy is not only a suitable complement to physiotherapeutic care but also a useful aid.
At the same time, it allows the patient to perform daily rehabilitation care from the comfort of home, which significantly saves not only time but also money.

Can a less technically proficient person handle the equipment?

Each cycle of the Homebalance Care service is preceded by a visit to a specialist therapist, who will not only supervise the course of therapy but will also show the patient how to use all the equipment. The patient will also be provided with instructions that can be inspected at any time. Also, an instructional video on how to use the entire therapeutic set is provided. If problems occur the patient can contact his personal therapist or technical support.

How often do you need to exercise?

It depends on your individual needs. It depends on how you feel, how you are comfortable with the assigned plan, whether you need advice or perhaps a change in the difficulty of the exercise.

Who can I contact if a component stops working?

We recommend contacting the assigned therapist or the technical support line.

How often do I need to consult the therapy with the physiotherapist through video calls?

It depends on your individual needs. It depends on how you feel, how you are comfortable with the assigned plan, whether you need advice or perhaps a change in the difficulty of the exercise.

Does using the system require an internet connection?

Yes, an internet connection is needed for user confirmation and sending data to the therapist. However, the exercise itself does not require an internet connection.

Isn't exercising on the platform dangerous? Is there a risk of falling from the platform?

For most people, the risk of falling from the platform is negligible. However, there are also groups of patients at risk, for instance, those, who have trouble standing on their feet for a long time. We recommend to those patients to get any kind of support on the stabilometric platform on which they can lean on, or use the help of someone close to reduce the risk of falling from the platform.

How often do I need to charge each device?

The wrist pedometer lasts charged for several days. Tablets and batteries located on the platform last for several hours.
We recommend that you monitor the battery status of each device and recharge it so as not to risk completely discharging any of them.

Does the exercise require the assistance of another person (e.g. a family member)?

All exercises are customized so that the patient can perform them independently and without the help of another person.

Can the tablet be used for purposes other than just exercising?

The assigned tablet is intended only for the purposes of Homebalance Care therapy, i.e. exercise, communication with the therapist, observation of results, and examining the instructions.

Is a printed manual available for performing exercises?

Yes, the printed manual is a part of the kit that the patient receives for therapy. A PDF manual is also included in each tablet.

Is it necessary to exercise at the same time every day?

It’s not necessary to exercise at the same time every day.

How is my personal information secured?

The data is securely stored on servers in accordance with GDPR.

Who can see the records of the exercises performed?

Only the user and his assigned therapist have access to the exercise records.

How can I contact my therapist if I don't have a computer?

The therapist can be contacted via Skype, which is installed on the tablet. Telephone calls are also possible.

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